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After creating the most instagrammed restaurant in the world, working on this new version of The Gallery was quite a high challenge.
The aim was to create an atmosphere that could implement Yinka’s artworks displayed on the walls.
To build an environment that would echo those artworks, India Mahdavi decided to collaborate with craftsmen from Africa and emphasize on texture and patterns.
India chose to work with Aissa Dione, the famous textile designer who produces senegalese handwaving and perpetuates senegalese textile craftmanship. Those incredible yellow patterns add freshness and brightness on some of the furniture.
Pierre Frey and Rubelli have also collaborated on the creation of fabrics.
Exclusive handmade woven wall-lights have been produced by Inès Bressand, who works with weavers in Ghana.
The vibrant and shiny wallpaper made in collaboration with de Gournay enlarges the room and brings modernity to the authentic pieces displayed all over. It gives depth, some kind of magical lightness.
The well-known Charlotte armchair is changing her look to embrace to the new codes of The Gallery : the volume has been simplified and comes as a support to the fabrics.

This yellow shaded room is an excerpt / fragment of the sun from Africa.
The new color at the Gallery Sketch is warmth.