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It’s the story of a XXI century Marie-Antoinette who drags us into an oneiric experience in her ‘garden of delights’. The wicker armchairs, meringue-based tables and omnipresent lattice work contribute to the conception of a delight. ‘A sensorial and ultra-contemporary voyage, a universe of freshness’, declares India Mahdavi about this project carried out in three cities. A sweet garden that celebrates the mix of the French groves and ‘gourmandise’. ‘I work on the idea of happiness and ‘gourmandise’, dear to Ladurée, intimately laced with this notion of pleasure’. India defined a language, a three-dimensional new identity, which resumes the notion of the garden with a lattice, a pastel colour palette that alludes to macarons, and a checkered floor which evokes a winter garden.

Images © Gorta Yuuki
LADURÉE AOYAMA - India Mahdavi
LADURÉE AOYAMA - India Mahdavi
LADURÉE AOYAMA - India Mahdavi