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Client : Costes Family
400-seat brasserie

Flagship of the Beaumarly group, the Café Français sits on the Bastille square and embodies the new version of a brasserie in a fluctuating neighbourhood. The Café Français’ location, partially planted on the footprint of the bygone prison, is historic. In order to exist in front of a square that is a current republican symbol, a strong presence and visual identity is required. The artistic direction was handed over to India Mahdavi and M/M studio (Paris) who, together, gave to the Café Français a graphic density whose vocabulary is declined into diverse scales in space, materials, furniture and supports. The logo deconstructs itself and becomes omnipresent, radical and exclusive. Everywhere, the radicality of the lines is assuaged by softness of the furniture and the richness of the materials. The tricolour Frenchie finally mingles with newer tones and fresher shades.

photos © Matthieu Salvaing