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The Réfectoire, in Arles, is at the heart of the LUMA Foundation, a former industrial manufacturing plant converted to an artistic, environmental and social centre which is laying the foundations for a new future under Maja Hoffman’s direction. In this 9-meter-high warehouse, India Mahdavi has opted for long and diagonally polychrome tables that lead outside, as if to perpetuate the space chromatically. The tables’ solar range of yellows and oranges are dear to the South of France and complement the convivial meals cooked from organic and seasonal produce. ‘Colour exudes from an unconscious and subliminal memory of the lights I perceived and faithfully transposed into space’.

Images © Victor & Simon
LE RÉFECTOIRE - India Mahdavi
LE RÉFECTOIRE - India Mahdavi
LE RÉFECTOIRE - India Mahdavi