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Project Room #11 delves into the realm of an ideal visual representation : aspective.

Traditional perspective paints an object as it presents itself to the observer. Depending on one’s spatial vantage point, sides shorten, angles contort, and lines gracefully taper into the distance.

According to the Egyptologist Emma Brunner-Traut, aspective is the portrayal of an object in its prime form. Here, the volumetric plan drawn by the Œdipe sofa and the Garden of Eden carpet (Golran) stands in stark contrast to other objects perceived in elevation like the Casanova and Don Giovanni floor lamps, Hexagonal armchair, and Joker side table, weaving together a new spatial geometry.

Aspective’s mission is to carefully choose and appraise the object’s most comprehensive facet, revealing as many adjacent sides as necessary to unveil its essence. Within the infinite spectrum of possibilities, aspective paints an image stripped of the illusion of perspective, in pursuit of the elusive truth.

A new aspective for the new year – and best wishes 2024 -
ASPECTIVE - India Mahdavi
ASPECTIVE - India Mahdavi
ASPECTIVE - India Mahdavi